Martial Arts Growth! India's Growth !
Our Aim is to "Transform Indian people with good health, sound mind and strengthened soul, more than the people of China and Japan" 
                                                           -"Veerakalai Venthan" M.Manoharan
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"In India , 75 out of 100 people are weak physically, mentally and spiritually. And this is shameful for me to express it" says Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
-"Rani" A weekly magazine
(dated 29-1-2012 under title "Sathu illatha santhathigal"[Strengthless Generations])
Out of 196 countries in the world, China stands first in developing manpower by strenthening their people's body, mind and soul through Martial Arts. Next followed by Japan and Korea. But our Indian people are still unaware of this situation.
Our Association "Aghila Indiya Veerakalai Munnetra Kazhagam", only has the martial arts lessons to develop our people with healthy body, sound mind and strong soul.
Therefore our aim is to develop our people with healthy body, sound mind and strong soul rather than the people of china, japan and korea.
"And we'll never fade till we achieve this !!"



Coaching classes undertaken for Martial Arts like Silambam, Karate, Kuthuvarisai, Knun-chuku,   Tun - Fa and Kick Boxing
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